Zero-emissions Ecooter E2 launched

Technology has become such a part of our lives that many of our activities rely on it. With the good it brings comes the bad—some advances and developments have taken its toll on our environment, especially with the air we breathe.

One of the factors that cause air pollution is carbon emissions from vehicles. As a motorist, what, then, can you do to help save the environment? Da Yang Motors provides a viable solution: its environment-friendly Ecooter. This electric motorcycle hopes to bridge the gap between our reliance on tech and conservation of our planet.


The Ecooter E2 boasts a 4200W electric motor, which can reach top speeds of 90kph. Compared to previous models, this iteration features a larger battery for longer travel (140km) and an ergonomic design for a relaxing and comfortable drive.

Keeping consumers in mind, the E2 comes with an intelligent interactive cloud system that allows users to view real-time vehicle info through the Ecooter app. In addition, the super scooter’s double parallel battery system can take its rider farther.

In addition, the bike features an LED dashboard, a front and rear shock absorber, a combination braking system, smart key, and more.

There are two models of the E2the leisure-oriented E2L and the sportier E2R—which boast 2.5kW and 4.2kW electric motors, respectively. The E2L is priced at P95,000, while the E2R can be had for P190,000.

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