YouTube to start demonetizing low-quality kids videos in November


YouTube has announced that by November, it will start demonetizing low-quality videos published by child-oriented channels on the platform.

The company said that this new scheme is part of its continuing plan to encourage the creation of high-quality content for minors and more so, make YouTube and its child-friendly counterpart, YouTube Kids, “a safer, family-friendly place for kids to explore their imagination and curiosity.”

According to the new guidelines, videos are to be considered high-quality if they are “age-appropriate, educational, and inspire creativity and imagination.”

On the other hand, those considered as below-standard include ones “that are heavily commercial or promotional, encourage negative behaviors or attitudes, and more.”

The Google-owned company warns that channels producing these types of content but are still abiding by its community guidelines will no longer be included in the platform’s recommendation list, as well as show limited or no ads.

Moreover, those that violate the platform’s monetizing policies, on top of breaking its community guidelines, will be removed completely from the YouTube Partner Program.

“Our work here is ongoing and we regularly reevaluate and update these principles,” YouTube added.

The announcement comes after Google rolled out its initial set of child safety updates for its suite of services, including YouTube and YouTube Kids, last August.

The changes for YouTube included shifting the default setting of videos uploaded by minors to private, as well as enabling “take a break” and bedtime reminders, and more.

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