Yokohama PH holds ADVAN Track Day 2018


Yokohama Tire Sales Philippines, Inc. (YTPI) held the ADVAN Track Day 2018 last September 29 at the Clark International Speedway to commemorate the 40th year of ADVAN. The track day featured a full day of driving and attracted some 50 drivers with their cars.

Registered drivers who had Yokohama or ADVAN tires fitted on their cars got to participate in the event for free and each received a loot bag that included, among other things, an event shirt and ID lace. They were likewise invited to lounge in the special Yokohama Suite and enjoy snacks and meals. To top it all off, they had a chance to win one of 10 exclusive ADVAN merchandise in a raffle.



The main draw of the event was the driving. After the welcome remarks by YTSP President Satoshi Miura, participants enthusiastically went out on track to test the limits of their cars in the full track.

However, YTSP wanted to showcase how much better driving could be with ADVAN tires so they invited professional drivers, father-and-son tandem Carlos and Inigo Anton highlight the brilliant performance of the newly launched A052.



Carlos drove a Subaru STI on back-to-back runs to compare the A052 against the AD08R. While both runs were done with blistering lap times, his lap time with the A052 was around 2 seconds faster, even with a shifting error in one corner. Meanwhile, 14-year old Inigo gave rides to those wanting to see how the tires perform with his own race-prepared car.



Finally, some participants with other brand tires were encouraged to swap out theirs with A052s to see how the ADVANs compared. Each one gushed about the higher level of performance and confidence the tires imparted to them lap after lap.


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