Yale YMG40 Digital Door Lock: Keyless convenience

More than just security, the Yale YMG40 Push & Pull Digital Door Lock also offers convenience thanks to its keyless functionality and simple push-and-pull door handle. Yale also have the lock’s aesthetic design in mind, making the YMG40 an appealing addition to your front door.

Built for inswing and outswing doors, the YMG40 comes with three access options: fingerprint biometric, PIN, and mechanical key override. An optional remote control access is added in this lock using a wireless floating ID technology that works up to 50 meters.

The one-touch fingerprint verification method uses the Easy Scan technology. This technology allows the door lock to read a fingerprint in one touch so you can enter rooms and properties quickly. Meanwhile, the PIN access has an additional Fake PIN code feature. You can enter fake numbers before or after you put in the correct code to avoid your true PIN being exposed. In case you forget your PIN, you can override the access with a mechanical key.

The YMG40 also notifies you of a possible break-in , damage, or fire through an 80dB alarm that goes off when it detects a damage, forced entry, or over 55°C temperature.

Other features of the Yale YMG40 include:




  • safe handle mechanism
  • smart touchpad
  • compatible with Z Wave and Bluetooth
  • voice guide feature
  • operation status notification
  • low battery and emergency power
  • 67 x 359.1 x 67.6mm (front body); 76 x 359.1 x 65.2mm (back body)


The Yale YMG40 digital door lock is available in gold and silver variants.

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