Xiaomi’s concept smart glasses display messages, translate text right before your eyes


It looks like Xiaomi is challenging Facebook in the wearables arena.

Ahead of its huge event on September 15, the tech giant announced the Xiaomi Smart Glasses, a smart wearable device concept that unlike Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories not only takes photos but also displays messages and notifications, makes calls, provides navigation, and translates text right before your eyes.

The display uses MicroLEDs for backlighting, and the display chip measures only 2.4 x 2.02mm, or roughly the size of a grain of rice. Individual pixels are sized at 4μm, enabling the display to fit within the frame of the glasses.

The concept device is fitted with an indicator light that shows when the 5-megapixel camera is in use.

The 51-gram Smart Glasses feature a quad-core ARM processor, battery, touch pad, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, Android operating system, and more.

Alas, Xiaomi has yet to announce a price or a launch date for the smart glasses.

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