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Flexible online jobs for parents who want more hands-on roles in raising kids

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I used to say that working from home is not for everyone, but I now think it’s a necessary adjustment a lot of us have to make because of the worsening traffic situation in the country’s major cities. The long daily commute to your workplace takes a toll on your time with family and for yourself.

Working from home is especially ideal for me now that I’m a mom. I know a lot of moms will be able to relate to the desire to just stay home so she can manage the household as well as breastfeed and care for the baby—while having a way to make money.

Good thing more people and organizations are realizing the benefits of working from home. And because almost everything can be done online, we have more choices for home-based jobs with flexible schedules. I listed some ideas for stay-at-home parents who would like to contribute to family finances during their spare time or anyone who just wants to transition to home-based earning.

There’s a wealth of opportunities you can find online if you know where to look; it helps to create accounts in and regularly visit,,, and, among others.

Content Writer/Copy Editor

The home-based job I can personally vouch for is writing for websites, publications, advertising and PR agencies, and businesses both in the Philippines and abroad. Individual writing projects, especially for local online and print publications, may not pay as high as others, but once you get enough regular clients, you’ll have a steady flow of income.

Companies also require writers and editors to update their websites and social media accounts, write press releases, and sometimes draft speeches and scripts for events. Some need proofreaders for their existing catalogs, marketing materials, and training materials.

Apart from having a great network to tap into, you can also find good clients on Upwork and LinkedIn. Update your profile to indicate that you’re a freelance writer/editor so recruiters can find you. Impeccable writing and copy editing skills along with time management are a must for you to succeed in this detail-oriented freelance job. Some clients may require Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knowledge, so brushing up on that will help.

Community Manager

Why not turn your social media browsing habit into an opportunity to earn? If you like commenting on posts and keeping up to date on social media content trends while baby naps, this might be the home-based job you’re looking for.

A community manager engages and grows a brand’s online community on its social media accounts. Besides responding to comments and private messages, you may need to create content to grow followers, advocate and create more awareness for the brand, and keep tabs on what competitors are doing. Hours are often flexible, although there are peak interaction times, depending on the brand. Digital agencies often hire freelancers to handle community management for various clients, so their websites or LinkedIn accounts are good places to start looking for opportunities.

Project Manager/Virtual Assistant

More companies both in the Philippines and abroad are relying on Filipino employees to manage teams and projects for them on a virtual and output-based setup. Among the most in-demand tasks are managing team workflows, bookkeeping, social media/email/ website management, digital marketing, writing newsletters, research, and most administrative duties. Find such opportunities on Upwork,,, and LinkedIn. If you’re organized and efficient, this job is ideal for juggling work and family life. You can agree with your client on a shift that works best for you.


If you type fast with rarely any errors and have a good grasp of grammar (you’ll need to proofread your transcript before submitting it to client), this might be for you. It’s easy, abundant, and can pay well. You’ll just need MS Word or its equivalent on your laptop and good headphones that will let you hear words clearer. You can also look at transcription job postings on TranscribeMe, Go Transcript, and Scribie.

Graphic Artist/Designer

If graphic design is one of your skills, this is one lucrative home-based job you can get into. Corporations, advertising agencies, SMEs, and media and publishing companies are regularly in need of artists and designers who can come up with visuals for their marketing and advertising materials, websites, social media posts, and more. Besides creativity and a keen eye for aesthetics, you’ll also need knowledge of and access to design software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Online Language Tutor

This is something you can do as a private practice or with an international company that employs language tutors all over the world. English tutors are among the most in demand, especially for Korean, Japanese, and Chinese students and adults. However, tutors for other languages such as Mandarin, French, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish tend to earn higher salaries. While a good grasp of the language is a must, it also requires the patience and ability to teach along with proper teaching materials.

Companies that employ English language tutors in the Philippines include 51Talk, which provides guides, tutorials, and support for their tutors, even those who have no teaching experience;; and, which handles logistics like scheduling classes, payments, etc.

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Words Trixie Reyna Benedicto
First published in Speed February 2020

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