WhatsApp to stop working on older phones by January 1


Got an older iPhone or Android? Take note: WhatsApp will begin to stop working on older devices come January 1, 2021.

Users will lose access to the app if the device is not running at least iOS 9 or above or Android 4.0.3 or above. This means that if you’ve got an iPhone 4 or older that’s not running on the latest iOS, or an Android from the 2011s, you’ll be losing WhatsApp. It will either go dark entirely or you might not be able to use some of its features.

To check which software your phone is running on, follow these steps:

  • For iOS users – Go to Settings > General > Information
  • For Android – Go to Settings > About Phone

To make sure you don’t lose the app, upgrade your OS to iOS 9 or Android 4.0.3 or higher. If your device isn’t capable of making the update, the only option might be to upgrade to a newer phone. Another option is to access your account using a PC or just switch to a different messaging app altogether.

WhatsApp is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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