Waveplay makes hybrid events the ‘wave’ of the future


Live events, brand launches, and other on-ground activities and mass gatherings were put to a halt by the pandemic. Many businesses related to events had to pivot, shift, and find a solution to survive. 

While others shifted to Zoom webinars and Facebook Live streams, Sharon Yu Ong, co-founder and CEO of Waveplay Interactive, Inc., opted for something different. 

“Over the past 10 years, Waveplay has been tailoring innovations to create one-of-a-kind experiences for on-ground events, and we were determined to do the same even for virtual events.” Yu Ong brings their interactive experience expertise to the new normal of events by introducing Webplay, the Philippines’ first fully customizable virtual/hybrid events platform. Webplay gives brands and agencies the power to create events with a wide range of interactive features and fun elements not found in other platforms. 

“Webplay also allows for tailored immersive environments and journeys, so no two virtual event venues are the same. And, it works from high-end laptops to basic smartphones, even with regular internet connection,” Yu Ong said.

With uniqueness as their battlecry, Yu Ong shares that in a span of eight months since Webplay’s launch, they were able to successfully produce over 60 unique virtual venues, powered over 300 event days, accommodated more than 700,000 attendees, and created more than 250 custom side activities.

Ready for challenges

Of course, Yu Ong knew that going from “live” to “virtual” events has its share of challenges.

When it comes to virtual or hybrid events, downtimes can cause “palpitations,” as Yu Ong succinctly described it, to any organizer. This is where having expert back-end and cloud engineers are crucial to ensure that the infrastructure is excellently stable.

Waveplay’s on-ground team wasn’t exempted from the virtual transformation, too. They were upskilled to become eagle-eyed testers, live help desk representatives, and livestream troubleshooters. “We also created multiple permutations of the virtual event realm to ensure that everything is cascaded well across different gadgets and browsers, and all things considered, clients’ short lead times never changed,” Yu Ong said.

Post-Covid events industry

Yu Ong expects that once it’s completely safe to go out, live events will come back as fast as they were halted. However, she also points out that the advent of virtual platforms have opened the eyes of clients to the potential of scaling events exponentially. Virtual platforms enable access from anywhere in the world, increase attendee capacity, extend availability of the event on demand for those who missed the live dates, and provide comprehensive data of guest activities.

With physical gatherings imminent, Waveplay is already working on new on-ground interactive ideas, including contactless options.

With the various innovations they introduced in the virtual events industry, Waveplapy was recognized as the best-performing Philippine event tech company during the 2021 11th Global Eventex Awards, where the Webplay Virtual Events Platform won the bronze award in the Virtual Experience Solutions category.

This year’s 11th Global Eventex Awards saw 561 entries from 37 countries with virtual and hybrid events as the most popular categories. Among the finalists were global brands such as Rolls Royce, Google, YouTube, and Facebook.

“Our drive for continuous innovation has allowed us to continue providing clients limitless possibilities in the events and activations landscape. And it will only get better,” Yu Ong remarked.

Want to make your virtual events stand out and totally unique? Find out how from Waveplay Interactive.

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