Want to combat hair loss? Check out this FDA-approved scalp solution


In a study conducted by the Philippine Council for Health and Research Development (PCHRD), at least 50% of Filipino men would experience hair loss by the age of 40. But while it’s a common condition for men, hair loss still negatively impacts many guys’ self-esteem.

This is what Medic Hair aims to solve. Created by Nutriplus Laboratories Corporation and approved by FDA, this new all Filipino-made hair loss scalp solution is specifically formulated for men. It utilizes natural ingredients that are essential in promoting male hair growth: the powerful combination of Saw Palmetto and Ginseng extract. Unlike existing products in the market today, Medic Hair works as an effective DHT blocker.

Most cases of hair loss in men is caused by testosterone converting into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which takes away nutrients meant for your hair. With Medic Hair’s Saw Palmetto, the creation of DHT is blocked. Saw Palmetto, together with the nourishment from Ginseng extract, Medic Hair promotes hair growth and improves the scalp naturally

Medic Hair does not only stop hair loss before it even occurs, but it also encourages regrowth of hair in the scalp with Ginseng Extract, which nourishes the scalp from within stimulating hair follicle regrowth. Furthermore, a number of benefits from Ginseng include reduction of stress levels, improvement of scalp health, antibacterial properties to fight off dandruff, and halts the occurrence of gray hair.


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