VST ECS is Riverbed Technology’s new PH distributor


Riverbed Technology appoints VST ECS Phils., Inc., (formerly MSI-ECS Phils., Inc) as its strategic distribution partner. This partnership cements VST ECS’s appointment as Riverbed’s local distributor and will help strengthen Riverbed’s presence in the local market.


The Digital Performance company aims to accelerate the growth of Digital Experience Management and Next-Generation Networking solutions in the region.


As the Digital Performance leader, Riverbed assists businesses gain actionable insights into users’ digital experience. Moreover, it also provides support for achieving operational agility by transforming networks and accelerates business performances and outcomes.


Now, VST ECS will carry and offer the Riverbed Digital Performance Platform across its extensive network of partners.


VST ECS President and CEO Jimmy Go sees that this collaboration will enhance the ICT company’s portfolio. Furthermore, it will renew the company’s commitment to building the Riverbed brand in the local market.


“In a time when digital transformation has begun to translate into growth for many businesses in the Philippines, getting the digital and end-user experience right has never been more important,” said Bjorn Engelhardt, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan at Riverbed Technology.


“The combination of MSI-ECS’s extensive channel network, talented workforce and deep understanding of local market dynamics will enable us to more effectively bring to market the Riverbed Digital Performance Platform, creating more opportunities for businesses to capitalize on their digital investments,” he added.


Leading the ICT distribution industry for the past 20 years, VST ECS focuses on partnering with brands that represent innovation, quality, and business transformation. This is to ensure that its channel partners are given only the best products and solutions. Partnering with Riverbed will add a new dimension to the VST ECS’s current offerings and position as a solutions provider.


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