Volvo offers free Wallbox installation for plug-in hybrid cars

To make it easier and more convenient for Volvo owners to charge their plug-in hybrid cars, Volvo Philippines is offering free home installation of the Volvo Wallbox to all its T8 Twin Engine Plug-in Hybrid car owners.

A Volvo dealer will deploy a team to your home—while observing strict health and safety protocols—and install the Wallbox. This service is applicable to residential houses with ample facilities for the proper installation of the T8 power socket. It will include standard installation components such as a circuit breaker, a ground fault circuit interrupter, and cables.


The Volvo Wallbox can be mounted indoors or outdoors near the vehicle to be charged. It comes with a securely mounted charging cable to lower risk of theft. An LED indicator light will blink as the car is charging and will switch to a constant light when the car is fully charged.

This free home installation service is part of Volvo Philippines’ efforts to respond to the car ownership needs of its customers in the midst of the coronovirus crisis.

Volvo PH is also the first local automotive company to launch a customer-centric service through Volvo Concierge where clients can get online support for their car-related needs.

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