vivo TWS Neo review: Sound and style on point


The TWS earphones market continues to grow as more smartphone makers create their own earbuds to go with their devices. The vivo TWS Neo, the brand’s first try at truly wireless earbuds. The stemmed design makes these buds look a lot like most TWS gear in the market. While most earbuds look like AirPods clones, I believe that these blow Apple’s iteration out of the water for three reasons: (1) decent sound, (2) solid battery life, and (3) affordable price tag.


Our test unit came in Starry Blue, which looks black to me in most lights. It has a glossy, reflective finish but the charging case’s body feels like it’s made of plastic. This makes the case and even the earbuds huge fingerprint magnets. In the dark though, the dark buds can be difficult to find. That aside, the TWS Neo is light, pocketable, and easy on the eyes.

Since the buds also come with the glossy finish, there were times when I’d feel like they’d slip out of my ears. They haven’t in the two weeks I’ve been using them, but I always had to adjust the fit just to make sure. Surprisingly, these IP54-rated buds never fell out of my ears when I’d use them while working out.

Sound and performance

I’ve been using the TWS Neo daily for my fix of music, and they sound pretty good for open-fit earphones. The touch-sensitive stems allow you to change the volume with a swipe, a feature not found in most earbuds yet. The 14.2mm drivers produce crisp audio and decent bass. Since there’s no active noise cancellation on the buds, they still let in a background sound. However, there is noise cancellation for calls.

One cool thing about the buds is that they automatically pair with your phone (if your Bluetooth is on) once the charging case is opened. There’s a neat animation, too, on vivo phones, which shows the battery life of the case and each earbud. Furthermore, it pairs quick and seamless.

These buds have the battery life to last a good ol’ fashion TV series binge. I was able to finish the first season of The Handmaid’s Tale with the buds only needing a charge around the five episode mark. It takes a bit of time in the charging case, though, which is okay since we all need a break when we’re binge watching, right?

Speed says

For P4,999 the vivo TWS Neo is a good pair for your vivo phone (or any phone for that matter). These earbuds look incredibly stylish, plus they’re pretty impressive in the audio department, giving crisp sound and a long playback time.

Words Ayie Licsi

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