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Vivo Apex

Vivo APEX 2019 takes new direction with minimal design

Since it was founded in 2009, Vivo has slowly but steadily established itself as an industry leader. Every year at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the company wows with innovative designs. This year, the Vivo APEX 2019 goes in the minimal design direction.

In 2018, Vivo introduced its design-pioneering smartphone – the Vivo APEX FullView- at MWC. The innovative phone boasted the world’s first notch-less full-screen concept and an elevating selfie camera.

Then in just 4 months, Vivo mass produced and made the Vivo NEX available to the public in just 4 months. Aside from the notch-less full-screen display and elevating selfie camera, the NEX also hosts breakthrough premium features. Among these are half-screen in-display fingerprint scanner, AI-enhancing apps, and bezel-less display.

“Unlike other smartphone manufacturers who just follow industry trends, we chose to set ourselves apart by pioneering these innovations and changing the game of smartphone design,” said Vivo VP for Operations Zeng Kai.

Going minimal

At this year’s MWC, Vivo once again takes smartphone innovation to the next level. With its APEX 2019 concept smartphone, the smartphone maker highlights minimalism to reflect its new company philosophy, “less is more.”

In addition to being Vivo’s first 5G smartphone, this year’s concept phone sports a minimal Super Unibody Design. The phone doesn’t have bezels, notch, physical buttons, ports, and even speakers.

This paves the way for all-new features including a full-screen fingerprint scanner, Touch Sense technology, a MagPort for battery charging and data transfer, and SoundCasting tech that turns the FullView display into a speaker.

“We are very excited with how these new technologies will affect the landscape of smartphone development in the region and how consumers will appreciate these futuristic innovations, especially since some of these could be available in the market soon,” said Zeng.

Recently, local tech experts and smartphone enthusiasts got a glimpse of the innovative Vivo APEX concept smartphone.

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