Visit the Captain Marvel website for a touch of nostalgia

Can’t get enough of Captain Marvel? It’s time to go easter egg hunting on the Captain Marvel website!


At first look, the site looks like it’s done by some teens in their basements. By any means, I don’t mean that it looks unprofessional, I love the look actually. 90s and 00s kids will get a kick out of the aesthetic. Who else is getting paint and HTML vibes?


If you’ve already seen the movie, you know the site looks this way because it’s set in the 90s. *Mild spoiler alert* Captain Marvel even gets her hands on an old school computer to do research.


Let’s explore, shall we?


Oh, wait. Can you get rid of the grandma on screen?



Now that she’s out of the way, we can read up on the awesome Carol Danvers and see awesome pictures from the movie.






The website’s chock-full of info you need to know before you see the flick. Check out the members of the Kree race.



Punching the grandma isn’t the only game on the site. Spot who’s human and who’s a shapeshifting Skrull! Props to you if you get them all right.



If you don’t know what a stereogram is, you’re probably really young. (Actually, I had to Google what it was.) It’s time to get your thinking caps! Download and decode those stereograms and you might just find an easter egg.



Were we the only ones who geeked out a little over the site’s video player? The window is very reminiscent of the old Real Player. Remember that?



Finally, before you leave the site, drop a note by the guestbook!



We’re living for the nostalgic feel this website is giving us! Even though we’ve already seen Captain Marvel, the site kind of makes us want to hit theaters again!



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