Viber makes chatting with fam and friends more exciting with new AR-enabled filters


Viber is bringing more fun and color to your daily convos with the all-new Viber Lens, which the company developed in collaboration with Snap Inc., the tech company behind Snapchat.

Viber Lenses add the magic of augmented reality (AR) to the app’s built-in camera to produce 30 attention-grabbing filters, such as animal masks, fantasy effects, Bitmoji avatars, and your favorite Viber characters.

Some Lenses allow you to change colors or the stickers on the screen to give the lens your own personal lewk. This definitely injects some playfulness into your chats with your family and friends.

Viber is also planning to add at least 20 additional lenses each month, including branded ones from partners like World Health Organization, World Wildlife Fund, and FC Barcelona.

In addition, Viber is working with local brands like Globe and Filipino creatives, such as Leeroy New, Anina Rubio, and Jappy Agoncillo, to create exclusive Viber Lenses for its users in the Philippines.

To get started, simply launch Viber’s camera within your chats and pick a filter. Take a snap or record a clip and send away.

Don’t forget to upgrade to the latest version of the app, as the feature is only available for iOS Viber versions 15.5.5 and up, as well as Android Viber versions and up. Meanwhile, local Lenses are available for Viber versions of at least 16.0.


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