Uber, Lifeline Rescue work together for road safety

Getting an ambulance fast enough isn’t a sure thing all the time. Having a safe taxi ride while on an emergency situation isn’t always going to happen and not everyone who gets in an accident owns a car (and is able to drive under bad circumstances). People are going to be in a pickle when the going gets tough. So for dire emergencies on the road, who do we trust? Fortunately, Uber’s commitment to its riders’ safety has paved a way for a new program that will give all its passengers and drivers the benefit of both safety and health. In partnership with emergency quick response service Lifeline Rescue, Uber helps in aiding the country’s dire need for road health management. Here’s how it works. Any medical emergency that occurs while riding in an Uber vehicle will immediately get a free Lifeline Rescue ambulance service. This means that any unfortunate turn of events you might encounter while inside an Uber car will be attended by the Lifeline Rescue. All you need to do to avail of this free service is to contact Lifeline Rescue’s 24/7 hotline (16-911) or through their smartphone app. You need to provide your location and wait for the fully-equipped ambulance to take you to the nearest hospital. However, a warning is given to those who will use the emergency service but do not require actual emergency medical attention: you will be charged with a fee by Lifeline Rescue. An emergency means that the driver and/or the passenger need to be taken to the hospital. This rescue service may be a good thing, but remember: prevention is always better than cure. Staying safe on the road is still the best way to go. Words John Sosmeña


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