Twitter cracks down on COVID-19 vaccine misinformation with labels, strike system


Twitter announced that it will start attaching warning labels to tweets that contain misleading information about coronavirus vaccines and introduce a strike system to eventually remove repeat offenders.

According to the company, it has started using human reviewers to assess whether tweets violate its policy against COVID vaccine misinformation. Those assessments will be used to teach Twitter’s automated tools to identify and label similar content across the platform. Eventually, the work will be done by a combination of humans and automation.

Twitter had already banned some COVID-related misinformation in December 2020, including falsehoods about how the virus spreads, whether masks are effective, and the risk of infection and death.

According to the platform, they hope that through the “strike system,” they will “educate people on why certain content breaks our rules so they have the opportunity to further consider their behavior and their impact on the public conversation.”

People with one violation (or strike) will have no account-level action. Second and third strikes will result in a 12-hour account lock. A fourth violation means a 7-day account lock. Five or more will result in permanent suspension from Twitter.


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