Here’s where you can get the viral #Tumindig icon as a mini collectible figure

Left photo: Instagram/Gino Roberto Customs, right photo: Facebook/Tarantadong Kalbo

By now, finding a Pinoy who still doesn’t know about Kevin Eric Raymundo’s #Tumindig icon is close to impossible. This image of a glowing white fist standing dauntlessly amid rows of anthropomorphic bowed down fists has quickly become a symbol of bravery and patriotism for many Filipinos.

The 2D illustration was first shared by Raymundo on his Facebook page, Tarantadong Kalbo, on July 17. Now, it is gearing up to jump out of your gadget’s screen and onto your desk (or toy display cabinet) as a mini 3D collectible figure.

The Tumindig Art Toy is made by Filipino artist Gino Roberto, who has a Facebook following of over 28,000 for his custom Funko Pops. He first put up the Tumindig Art Toy for pre-order through a Facebook post on July 26.

On the post, Roberto described the handcrafted figure as three inches tall and made out of resin material. And just like any Funko Pop, this one comes with a box, too. Not only that, this limited edition toy is authorized by Tarantadong Kalbo.

You can get your hands on the Tumindig Art Toy by sending a message to Gino Roberto Custom Figure Facebook page. It costs P1,500 and requires a downpayment of P500. The toys are scheduled to arrive by September, with part of the proceeds benefiting the Philippine Animation Workers Association.

Tarantadong Kalbo released his Tuminiig artwork almost two weeks ago as one of his satirical art that allude to the government.

The bowed-down fists that make up most of his now-viral illustration mimick the fist bump commonly used by President Rodrigo Duterte and his allies. On the other hand, the one defying the crowd (a.k.a. tumindig) represents an “artist-activist during the time of Duterte and his terror law,” Raymundo said in an interview with GMA News Online.

His artwork prompted an improvised collaboration among many Pinoy artists where all the bowed down fists were replaced with various iterations standing in solidarity with the OG one.

Not long after, Raymundo shared a blank template of his Tumindig illustration so other netizens can easily create their own avatars. It was also turned into a Facebook profile picture frame just a week after the original artwork’s release.

Apart from Roberto’s Tumindig Art Toy, Raymundo’s popular icon was also brought to life by some protestors who rallied during Duterte’s State of the Nation Address on July 26.


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