Transcend JetDrive Lite 360: Stealthy and light


If there’s anything I need more in a MacBook Pro, it’s space. This Apple machine has clearly the big guns with its Retina display and fast processor speed. But more often than not, the storage capacity of your MacBook is not enough for all the content you create and consume. Fortunately, Transcend does a great job in providing storage accessories that help expand the memory space of your Apple computer. And you don’t need to look further. We reviewed the Transcend JetDrive Lite 360 (256GB) to help you decide. Transcend JetDrive Lite 360 (1) The JetDrive Lite 360 is literally “Lite” in terms of form factor. As big as a five-peso coin, the ultra-small removable storage is a testament to Transcend stealthy approach to boost your laptop’s memory. The memory card slides right in your MacBook Pro’s SD card slot and fills the whole space perfectly. If you plan on having the card stay inside the slot for a long time, you don’t have to worry about it slipping out when you move around. Taking the JetDrive Lite 360 out requires patience (and a bit longer nails), however, but it’s nothing a regular MacBook user can’t handle. This extremely handy device leaves just a tiny bit protrusion on one side of your 15-inch MacBook Pro, nothing more than an unobtrusive black line signifying that the JetDrive Lite 360 is already plugged and ready to play. Although Transcend claims that the JetDrive Lite 360 peaks at around 90Mbps read and 60Mbps write speeds, it falls a little bit short in delivering the clear-cut performance it promises. This is especially obvious when carrying out the day-to-day tasks of moving around files that range from high-resolution photos to large, raw video footage. Transcend JetDrive Lite 360 (4) But I wasn’t disappointed. I just learned how to prioritize the types of files I store inside the JetDrive Lite 360. Photos, videos, movies, and the like are the obvious choices to save inside the JetDrive Lite 360. You’ll have a tougher time transferring larger, bulkier files with the JetDrive Lite’s current capabilities. I am still pleased with the JetDrive Lite 360’s performance, though, with 75 to 80Mbps and 45 to 50Mbps actual read and write speeds, respectively. That is already very decent and efficient for something of its size. One of the things I love about the JetDrive Lite 360 is that it is resistant to water, dust, and shock. It’s never a good idea to detach an external memory card near a glass of water because there is a great chance that some, if not all, the parts of the card can get submerge in the water. But sometimes things happen and you can’t avoid it. By simply wiping it clean and leaving it just a few hours to dry, the JetDrive Lite 360 returns and will show no deterioration in performance. You have to make sure, too, that the JetDrive Lite 360 is formatted correctly before using it to set compatibility with your device. Another thing: check your MacBook model and year, since the JetDrive Lite 360 is only compatible to 15-inch MacBook Pro (Retina) of the Late 2013, Mid 2014, and Mid 2015 models.

Review and photos by John Sosmeña


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