Top 5 things to look for in your new PC love

Are you stuck with your old PC? Does it bring you down with its bulkiness and heavy weight? Do you always find yourself perpetually waiting for your PC to respond every time it lags? Maybe it’s time for you to let go and move into a new PC relationship.

Microsoft and Intel Philippines help you find devices that keep pace with your lifestyle with its latest offerings. Discover a new personal computing experience from the modern devices running on Microsoft Windows 10 and featuring the latest Intel Core processors.

Here are the five features that you should look for in your next PC relationship:

1. Familiar experience

Your new device should make you feel at ease with familiar features. Windows 10 brings back the well-loved Start Menu, which is a standard feature on previous Windows UI experiences. It also brings a faster, more accessible, and more secure Microsoft Edge and Live Tiles.

2. A new touch

Sometimes you need to spice up your relationship with your PC. The Windows Ink lets you write on your device as if it is paper, create sticky notes, and draw on a whiteboard without using the keyboard and mouse. It even easily integrates to Microsoft Edge and Office.


4. Security

Ensure that your new PC can keep everything that’s important to you safe and secure. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 is the best and most secure version of Windows to date. Features such as Windows Hello, Windows Defender, and Windows Family keep you and your data safe.


4. Performance

More than just good looks, your next device should also deliver in terms of performance. PCs that are powered by the latest Intel Core processor promise amazing speed and performance. These devices stay with you on even hard-core tasks such as gaming, designing, and video editing.


5. Flexibility

Choose devices that are flexible, portable, and can complement whatever your lifestyle is. There are hybrid 2-in-1 PCs running Windows 10 that suit your day to day needs.


It’s time to for you to get the kind of PC that you deserve. Visit now to find out more.

Words Pat Calica


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