Tips to help you choose the right laptop for your kids’ online classes

This school year, instead of shopping for bags, school supplies, uniforms, and shoes, parents are looking for tech gear to prepare for their kids’ online education. Aside from a reliable internet connection, another important thing parents must invest in is a good computer that can keep up with demanding school work. 

But what type of computer should they get? What features should they look for?

If you’re in the market for a new machine for your kid’s virtual learning needs, here are a few handy tips you should keep in mind:

Get something compact and light

Say goodbye to big boring boxy machines and hello to compact and light modern PCs. A modern PC is a thin and light computer that’s faster, more powerful and efficient, and more secure than a traditional PC.

Since they’re compact, modern PCs are great for when you have a limited desk space. They’re not wieldy at all, so you or your child can easily move them around the house or lug them in your bag when you need to go out. 

Look for a powerful and efficient machine

Modern PCs are packed with the power to keep up with demanding tasks. One reason why old computers are slow is because they use conventional hard drives. Not only are they bulky, but they also slow down your experience. 

Modern PCs have an SSD that’s not only thinner and smaller, but also much faster than mechanical hard drives. Computers boot up is quick, huge email attachments load faster, and apps fire up in a flash.

SSDs also consume less power, which means students can get more important things done without worrying about quickly running out of battery.

Consider safety and security

Aside from making laptops slim and light, an SSD also minimizes the risk of damage when the laptop is accidentally dropped. That’s because an SSD has no moving parts, which means it’s less susceptible to physical damage.

Moreover, modern PCs run genuine Windows 10 that comes with several security tools that keep data safe and secure. Windows 10 helps shoo the bad guys away with its set of safeguards and security patches. 

Windows Hello also turns your face into a password—no more typing complex passwords every single time.

Make sure it has the right apps to help your kid be more productive

What’s a computing device without the right apps to help bring your ideas to life and showcase your vision? 

Modern PCs with Microsoft 365 will help your kids collaborate more and exchange ideas better with their teachers and classmates even if they’re not in a physical classroom setup. 

It also comes with a suite of applications including Office (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more) as well as a ton of free and premium templates that your kids can use for their homeworks, reports, and presentations.

They can also keep a handle on their tasks and to-dos and even learn to plan and organize with Outlook and Microsoft To-do.

A modern PC is an essential tool for students transitioning to virtual or online learning. With its robust set of features and apps, kids will be able to adapt better in this new normal. 

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