Tips on setting smarter goals to improve digital wellbeing in 2019


Digital wellbeing matters.

Staying online is a must for many nowadays, especially for the 67 million Filipinos who use the internet for entertainment, work, education, e-commerce, and social media. However, one might say Pinoys spend too much time online. Finding that balance between life and the internet can be a challenge.

Don’t lose hope! Google believes that great technology should improve life, not distract from it. This is why the tech giant launched tools and features which will help you monitor your interaction with your gadgets. From helping you understand your tech usage to creating healthy habits for the whole family, Google can help you. Now you’ll be able to create a balance between your life on and offline.

Here are 5 tips on how you can improve your relationship with the Digital Wellbeing Dashboard from Google:

Understand your habits

Find it hard to be away from your phone? You have to determine which apps take the most of your time and you have to understand your habits. With the Digital Wellbeing Dashboard for Android, you can see which apps you spend most of your day on. In addition, it also shows you how many time you unlock your phone and how many minutes you spend looking at it.

Once you have identified which apps consume your time, the Dashboard lets you set a timer to limit how long you can use the app on a given day. When you reach the limit, the app is paused for the rest of the day. Use it to set healthy targets and to remind yourself when it’s time to get on with more important things in life.

Shush those notifications

Is there a way to escape notifications? If moving your phone further from your bed is a reach, the Dashboard’s Wind Down feature will automatically turn on Do Not Disturb to help you fall into slumber. Also, it fades your screen to grayscale at your chosen bedtime.

The Dashboard lets you know how many times you get interrupted by notifications and can control them. With Shhh mode, you can turn on Do Not Disturb by just turning your phone face down.

If you’re worried about missing a text or an email from your boss in Do Not Disturb, you don’t have to. On the app, you can choose which notifications are the really important ones, that way only those are on.

Control your YouTube watchtime

Admit it, you often find yourself binge-watching videos on YouTube. Want to kick the habit? The Dashboard will help you by giving you a Take a Break reminder. When you need a breather from a video, it forces a pause at intervals that you will set.

Foster family time

Are your kids on their phones too much? The Dashboard’s Family Link lets you set digital ground rules and screen time limits for everyone in the house. You don’t even have to take your kids’ phones away, just tell Google Assistant to lock the phone, and it will remotely take care of it.

You can also regulate Wi-Fi usage on Google WiFi. This way, getting your kids to sleep or eat dinner will be easier. In addition, you can choose to block access to explicit websites.

Take care of your mental health

Want to spend less time on your phone? Let Google Assistant do the work for you. Free yourself from tasks and just dictate it to the Assistant. This way, you’ll have a lot less on your plate to stress about.

Manage your anxiety with a bit of meditation. Integrate the hobby into your day with the Mindful Break Chrome extension. With this extension, you can set reminders to help you remember to take a mental break or Go full-screen to help you stay focused on the task at hand and less distracted by incoming emails or other tabs at the top of your screen.

Download the Digital Wellbeing app free from the Play Store. Visit to learn more.


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