TikTok teams up with advertising platform The Trade Desk in Asia-Pacific


TikTok has announced its advertising partnership with The Trade Desk covering key Asia-Pacific markets.

This partnership allows advertisers to directly access premium TikTok inventory across the region via The Trade Desk platform. Moreover, it makes it easier for advertisers to incorporate TikTok videos into their campaigns.

PepsiCo is the first client of the partnership. Currently, it is running a campaign for the Lays portfolio in the Philippines, with the Mindshare media agency.

“As our advertising solutions scale, we’re always looking to partner with industry leaders like The Trade Desk to bring quality and high-performing advertising options to brands in Asia Pacific, including India,” said Sam Singh, Vice President of Monetization, TikTok India. “The key objective of this is to enable more brands to tap into TikTok’s short-form mobile video as part of their omni-channel campaigns.”

“The smartphone-first demographic across Asia is absolutely critical for PepsiCo,” stated Arun Mehra, Sr. Director – Marketing Services, PepsiCo. “The partnership between TikTok and The Trade Desk makes reaching this audience easier and more precise. Having piloted in the Philippines, we are looking to extend our work through the partnership across the region.”

Also, Manivannan Ramasamy, Regional Managing Director, Mindshare added, “Brands have been tracking the rise of short-form mobile videos worldwide, but particularly in Asia. The partnership between TikTok and The Trade Desk provides a measurable pathway to engage via this trend, while ensuring brand safety.”

Security assured

Campaigns running on The Trade Desk are pseudonymous, meaning they do not directly identify people. They assure that the platform does not take personal data from clients and partners.

The partnership with TikTok also combines expertise in marketplace equality, blocking non-human impressions to ensure brand safety.

Currently, the partnership covers 11 Asia-Pacific markets, including Southeast Asia, India, Australia, Japan, and even Russia.

Learn more about about The Trade Desk at www.thetradedesk.com and TikTok at www.tiktok.com.

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