Three mobile games for the Marvel geek

Can’t get enough of your favorite Marvel superheroes? Get your geek on and play as your beloved heroes in these mobile games: Marvel Future Fight, Marvel Super War, and Marvel Realm of Champions.

Marvel Realm of Champions

This mobile RPG will transport you to Battleworld, a forbidden planet behind the Space-Time barrier. The realm’s peace gets disrupted by the death of Maestro, the God-King. And now, our heroes must join factions or ‘Houses’ and team up to fight against enemies.

Which House will you join? Will you be part of the House of Iron with Iron Man, Spider-Guild with Spider-Man, Patriot Garrison with Captain America, or Pyramid X with the X-Men?

Ally with your friends and explore battlefields including Stark Technologies and Asgard. Battle it out in two modes: Player vs. Environment and Player vs. Player.

Marvel Future Fight

Meet the newest heroes of Marvel Future Fight, the Warriors of the Sky. These four original heroes will join Luna Snow, Crescent, and Io in the popular mobile game.

All hailing from Asia, the roster first includes War Tiger, an ancient Thai general who slices through evil-doers with his mystical Tiger’s Fang. Joining him is Blue Dragon, a child of a Vietnamese noble family who can transform whatever she touches into a draconic weapon. Also, there’s Sun Bird, a Malaysian pirate with healing powers, and Shadow Shell, a Taiwanese heroine who disables enemies with an advanced rifle and Ba Gua energy shield.

Marvel Super War

If you’re a fan of MOBA games, you’re going to love Marvel Super War. This mobile game will let you play as your favorite heroes in glorious 5v5 action. You can play as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Black Panther, and more.

Pre-register for the game to get rewards at and watch for its second beta test on November 21.

Aside from these mobile games, the media franchise will also bring games to consoles including Marvel’s Avengers and Iron Man VR.

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