This P350 car repair kit is a lifesaver on the road

Mechanical breakdown in the middle of a traffic-laden road is every car owner’s worst nightmare. But machine failure is inevitable sooner or later and something you should always prepare for, even if you are driving the newest car model or the hottest motorcycle brand.

Pioneer Adhesive Inc.’s Automoto Repair Kit can be you go-to first aid kit when your car suddenly decides to act up. The kit includes a 30g Mighty Gasket Black, 35g Durasteel 5 Epoxy, 15 Plus Five Clear Epoxy, 1g Mighty Bond Xtreme, and a 100ml RC1 Lubricating Spray.

Save yourself the hassle and have this car repair kit with you on your ride. The Automoto Repair Kit isĀ available for only P350 at selected True Value and Ace Hardware stores nationwide.


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