This N95 mask has a turbo fan for breathing comfort

Wearing face masks in our country’s climate can leave you feeling sticky and sweaty after just minutes of wearing them. What you need is a mask that will let you breathe and the Philips-Blaise FRESH AIR NXT GEN N95 is the one for the job. That is, if you have lots of cash to spare.

How is it breathable? The mask is equipped with a module customized by Japanese NIDEC Technology that actively produces filtered and fresher air to breathe in. According to Philips, this motor produces up to 41L/min air flow. This, along with the design of the mask, greatly reduce exhalation resistance and improve breathing comfort.

The motor has three levels of air filter settings. And when it’s out of battery, it can be powered up with a USB cable.

There are two layers in the mask: a replaceable N95 mask filter and a washable outer shell. The turbo fan on the mask can be easily removed from the layers when you need to change the filter.

The mask sports an ergonomic design with a 3D V-shape to make it comfortable to wear. It fits snugly on the bridge of the nose, cheeks, and ears and the straps are adjustable for maximum comfort.

The Philips-Blaise N95 mask is available for an eye-watering P10,995 and can be had in any of the following colors: Light Slate, Lychee Pink, and Black.

Meanwhile, the replaceable N95 filter comes in a 5-in-1 pack  for P1,595.

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