This Chrome extension can bring back the old Facebook look


Not a fan of Facebook’s redesign? Good news: you can switch back to the phased out look with a Google Chrome extension aptly called Old Layout for Facebook.

To use the old layout, install the extension in your Chrome browser. Once you have it installed, Facebook should go back to its classic layout.

This tool is created by Matt Kruse, who also made the Social Fixer extension, which curates your News Feed. He said that the extension isn’t changing anything in terms of HTML or CSS to the site.

“It tricks Facebook into delivering you the old layout by making your browser pretend to be an older version that their new layout doesn’t support,” he shared to LifeHacker.

Last month, several news sites reported that Facebook’s classic design will disappear in September. Although the look features bigger icons and more white space, there are users who still prefer the classic look—especially since in the new look, you can only open two chats at a time.

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