This app lets you shoot videos from two iPhone cameras at once


There’s a new app for iPhones from Filmic called DoubleTake that allows users to record videos from two cameras at once.

The new app, free to download from the App Store, features different shooting modes. Users can pick which cameras they want to record from—wheter it’s from the ultra wide, wide, telephoto, or selfie camera. They can also choose the frame rates for the videos, which will record at 1080p.

DoubleTake will only work on newer iPhone models running on iOS 13 such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, 11, Xs Max, Xs, and Xr.

The app allows users to record videos in new ways. First, the Split-Screen mode divides the screen in half, showing a user’s chosen camera on each side. In this mode, you can record a video shooting with the front camera and the rear.

Next, the PiP, or Picture in Picture mode, lets you pick one camera to fill the whole screen and a small, movable secondary camera that you can drag around the screen.

Meanwhile, Discreet mode shows a view similar to PiP mode, but it exports the videos in two separate 16:9 clips. This mode comes in handy if you want to capture a scenery with both the Wide and Ultra Wide cameras.

In terms of video specs, the app allows for full frame focus and exposure, and it records PiP and Discreet videos as .h264 .mov files.

Download DoubleTake for free from the App Store.

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