These websites let you know which stores are open


The COVID-19 situation, coupled with the Enhanced Community Quarantine, has made going out of the house an intentional task. You only leave your house when you absolutely need to, like if you’re a frontliner or if you need to buy essentials for your home.

A number of stores have suspended operations since the quarantine, making shopping not as easy. But if you do need to do a quick run to stock up on your basic needs, make sure to check out these websites to find out if the stores you plan on visiting are open.

Store Finder

This web-based map lists stores, pharmacies, banks, and remittance centers that are currently open. If you have specific queries about the stores open near you, you can send a message to the chatbot on the website. You can also check them out on Facebook to send them a message.

If there’s a store near you that’s not yet listed, you can add it to the website and fill in the details.

Bukas Ba?

Similar to Store Finder, shows you a map of open establishments. Once you allow the website to access your location, you can scan the area for banks, restaurants, clinics, gasoline stations, and more.

If you want to make sure the listed establishment is really open, you can open a link to it via Facebook and chat with the store yourself.

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