These viral TikTok creators talk beginnings, creativity, community

Following the local launch of the #itstartsonTikTok campaign, TikTok held an online event titled Creators’ Talk: TikTok’s Impact on Filipino Culture and the Creative Economy. It featured content creators Zendee, Lyqa Maravilla, and Yanyan de Jesus sharing their experiences on how they started out on the platform. TikTok creator Mark Averilla (a.k.a. Macoy Dubs/Aunt Julie) hosted the online event.

“With ‘it starts on TikTok,’ we want to celebrate the community,” shared TikTok Philippines User Content and Operations Manager John Castro. “We want to make sure that we thank our community for making TikTok an integral part of our lives and providing an endless amount of entertainment, joy, and positive vibes. The impact of the trends that TikTok and the community made, now just transcends content—it goes from art to beauty and everything else in between.”

An empowering platform for creation

Prior to Zendee’s popularity, she participated in numerous singing competitions and was even featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. But for her, success became sweeter when she found the empowering culture and community on TikTok.

“I initially created comedy on TikTok. Users are already familiar with my chipmunk voice delivering patama lines. At that time, I was worried that my followers would only want me to create comedy. Posting a cover, I was shocked with the community’s supportive reactions. Requests started to come in from the comments and that’s how my following grew,” she shared.

This talented creator gained 5.7 million followers in just seven months. She went viral with her parody of Sarah Geronimo’s “Tala” titled “Gala.”

“TikTok is a big family who’ll support your craft. You can showcase your talent on TikTok. Collaborate with different creators so that we grow together,” she added.

An enabler for learning

Content creator Lyqa Maravilla believes that TikTok made her a better educator. She started mid-May of 2020 when discussion of virtual learning for students started.

“My concern at that time was student’s fear and anxiety from learning online. Joining TikTok was me being compelled to convince the young ones that learning is possible even from short-form content. I am so happy that the learning audience took to it. This time we get to convince them that: yes, kaya nilang matuto, sa loob ng isang minuto,” shared Coach Lyqa.

Her account grew to a million subscribers in six weeks since she started.

“If you think you have something you know that can help others, share it on TikTok. It is really a good place to start,” she remarked.

Zendee, Lyqa Maravilla, Yanyan

Embracing the unique, creative, and weird you

Now one of the most-followed creators in the country with 9.7 million followers, Yanyan de Jesus started creating TikTok videos for his own entertainment. He now has an extremely diverse feed where he can wow you with his moves, make you laugh, and give you all the feels.

“In my videos, even if I can’t interact personally, I want to make you happy,” he said, sharing that his goal, aside from expression, is to infect his audience with joy.

When asked about what the formula is for creating viral videos, Yanyan revealed that it’s about expressing one’s truth and individuality.

Bringing infectious joy and viral content

The #itstartsonTikTok campaign is a love letter to these local creators and a proper acknowledgement of the campaigns and trends that brought joy to the community.

For every content creator that starts on TikTok, a new story unfolds. One positive video can inspire a multitude of users across the globe. These small acts of positivity and goodness collectively shapes culture trends we have today.

Want to start your creative journey? You can download TikTok for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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