These leaked concept videos show how Samsung imagines its AR glasses


The way Samsung imagines the use of its AR glasses gives us huge Tony Stark vibes. Well-known leaker WalkingCat shared a couple of concept videos of the tech brand’s augmented reality wearable in action and different use cases in daily life.

According to the video, the “Samsung Glasses Lite” can project a virtual screen where you can watch videos, play games, and do work as you kick back. It also shows the glasses used as an actual pair of sunglasses with auto-dimming and as an instant first-person-view for a drone.

Meanwhile, the second “Next Wearable Computing” video shows off the wearable’s AR simulation possibilities. Users can “see” 3D digital objects appear in the real world while they’re wearing them.

It’s still uncertain whether or not this tech is close to reality, but Microsoft’s HoloLens shares the same goal in terms of creating virtual space around you.

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