WATCH: Gong Yoo, Bae Doona struggle to fulfill space mission in ‘The Silent Sea’ trailer


Buckle up, K-drama fans. Netflix has dropped the trailer and latest poster of the next Korean mystery thriller out to bring you to the edge of your seats — The Silent Sea.

The new poster portrays the elite team members tasked with the grave mission to reach the moon to find means of mankind’s survival.

Astrobiologist Song Jian (Bae Doona), team leader Han Yunjae (Gong Yoo), head engineer Ryu Taesuk (Lee Joon), team doctor Hong Gayoung (Kim Sun-young), and head of security Gong Soohyuk (Lee Mu-saeng), and spacecraft pilot Kim Sun (Lee Sung-wook) all look tense, as they carry out a dangerous mission in an area in the center of the moon called “The Silent Sea.”

Meanwhile, the trailer captures volatile situations the team members are thrown into. The spaceship carrying the elite team is forced to make a crash landing on the moon due to technical issues, threatening the mission from its take-off.

The team barely escapes from the ship hanging on a cliff, makes it across the desolate surface of the moon engulfed in endless silence, and finally reaches Balhae Lunar Research Station.

They must risk their lives to find the answer to mankind’s survival and complete their mission in this secret room-like research base. The series will keep you on your toes as it unveils whether the team can safely return back to Earth.

The Silent Sea is poised to become a phenomenal end-of-year wave, as it premieres on December 24 only on Netflix.

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