The Aller Plasma Nano+ is an air purifier, surface sterilizer you can bring anywhere


One of the things we learned in 2020 is that we should be extra conscious about our health. Aside from frequent hand washing and observing proper hygiene, it also wouldn’t hurt to have a device that purifies the air around you.

Aller Innovations, a Filipino owned company that has been harnessing the potential of cold plasma technology since 2016, recently introduced its Aller Plasma Nano+ portable air and surface sterilizer.

The Aller Plasma Nano+ makes use of cold plasma technology that can kill up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses in the air and surfaces.

The unit has two modes: eco and enhanced. The eco mode is used for sterilizing cars, while the enhanced mode is used for sterilizing storage bins and small rooms. It has a built-in battery that takes only two hours to charge and the unit can be used for up to three hours. You can use it wirelessly or while it is plugged.

The Aller Plasma Nano+ can eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses within an enclosed 70L container in only 15 minutes. It can also sterilize a space of up to 30 cubic meters, or roughly the size of a small room.

This sleek and portable device is a great gift for fur parents, plantitos/plantitas, and families with small children and/or senior citizens as it is safe for people, pets, and plants. It’s easy to use (simply plug and play) and is eco-friendly as it does not use any filters or any secondary pollutants.

The Aller Plasma Nano+ is priced at P6,000 and is available at their online shop. For more information, visit the Aller Plasma website or connect via Facebook or Instagram.


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