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Telegram update will save you from flooded notifications

Does your phone always blow up with a flood of notifications from messaging apps? The latest Telegram update lets you cut down on notification overload and the noise generated from the app. This way, even if you forget to turn on your Do Not Disturb setting, your phone won’t be ringing all day.

Telegram notif

First, the update includes a new silent messaging feature. The recipient will see still see the notification, but his phone won’t make a sound.

The messaging app now also has Slow Mode, which lets a group admin restrict how many messages a person in the chat can send. This means you can stop one person from flooding the whole group chat.

Telegram admins

Aside from that, group creators/owners can also give admins custom titles. You can name your admin “Queen,” “Boss,” or whatever you want. The nickname will appear next to the admin’s name in the chat.

Videos in the chat are also improved, now displaying thumbnail previews. When you add a timestamp in the caption, it will automatically create a link that plays the video at that time.

For fans of Night Mode, here’s a fun feature: iOS users can now choose accent colors for night themes. You can now have your app in pink and black or orange and black contrary and not just the classic black and blue.

Telegram is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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