This new digital platform provides a contactless way to order and dine in restaurants


A new digital platform will now let you order and dine in restaurants completely contact-free. Called Talk Assisted Ordering System (TAO), it aims to assist people who frequently park-and-order or dine-in and prefer a contactless process.

Developed by Talk Innovations Corp., TAO provides an easier ordering process for both merchants and customers, as orders are placed through a phone call on the system.

Using their phone, guests simply need to scan a QR code that will direct them to the Talk Assisted Ordering website where they can simply tap the Talk button to be able to directly talk to a food attendant. During the conversation, guests will also have access to a virtual menu where they can easily look up the food that they want to order.

The platform is designed for every user’s convenience, including when customers need to follow up on their orders. Payment can be made through cash, Gcash, Paymaya, and credit or debit cards.

“The Talk Assisted Ordering system or TAO is a sustainable, easy-to-use platform that allows both food merchants and consumers to enjoy the dine-in process. With all other ordering platforms set on taps and clicks, TAO is bringing to the fore the strength of voice communication, speed, and personalized customer service,” said Talk Innovations Corp. founder Joseph Marcelo.

The Talk Assisted Ordering platform is only one of the few products that Talk Innovations Corp. is set to introduce to the public in the coming months. The company also plans to expand its reach nationwide and abroad including the United States and Southeast Asian countries.


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