Take social action with the Samsung Global Goals app


If you’re wondering how you can contribute to a healthier, more just world, even when working or learning from home, Samsung offers an idea.

If you’re a Galaxy smartphone (or Android) user, you can support some of the most pressing issues we are facing today through your device.

The Samsung Global Goals app helps users learn about the UN Global Goals and support the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) urgent efforts to create a healthier and more sustainable society for all.

When you engage with in-app advertising, it automatically donates to UNDP 100% of the revenue the advertising generates, at no cost to the user. Ever dollar “earned” in advertising will raise two, to double the donation to help meet the Goals. You may generate more ad earnings even when your phone is charging by opting in to the “Charge Screen ads” feature.

For those who want to increase their impact even further, direct donations to UNDP can be made with just a few taps.

By following five simple steps, you can take action and give back to end poverty and hunger, reduce inequalities, and make the world a better place.


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