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Sony often gets a bad rap for expensive devices, but this time around, the premium cost of the Sony VAIO Pro 13 Touch is justified. This isn’t another MacBook Air ripoff; the design is unique and the carbon-fiber enclosure is a daring, although well-implemented, decision, and ultimately keeps things light but durable. This is a flagship device that brings together many Sony innovations into a sexy and portable form factor. Sony went thin and light even before Intel and Apple ushered in the Airs and Ultrabooks we now know. The Sony VAIO Pro 13 Touch is the latest flagship Ultrabook and one of the lightest 13-inch notebooks in the market. Powered by the new Intel Haswell architecture that blends power and long battery life, it is clad entirely in carbon fiber.

Now that quad-core mobile devices are fast becoming the norm, I admit I was a bit skeptical upon learning that the Asus Fonepad sports a single-core 1.6GHz Atom processor. But I soon learned that “single core” no longer equates to poor performance. Android Jelly Bean’s on-screen navigation keys mean the face of the Fonepad is devoid of physical buttons. On the thick black bezel are the chrome-painted earpiece grill and camera lens. Call quality is excellent on both ends.

I was fortunate to have been able to test drive Honda’s ground-breaking hybrid sports car, the CR-Z, over the New Year holidays. I wasn’t in any hurry to publish my review as there was no word yet when—or even if—the car would be available in the Philippines. But the car made an indelible impact in my mind and I just couldn’t help but think what a terrific concept a hybrid sports car really is. One look at the recently unveiled LaFerrari supercar and its 963-hp hybrid power plant and you’ll know even environmentalists like to have some fun behind the wheel. Or conversely, car enthusiasts might want to do their bit in saving the planet. Ergo, hybrid sports car.