Success in sight: Pal Maritime Corporation’s future according to Lark mentee Mark Joseph David


Pal Maritime President and Crewing Director Mark Joseph David was chosen as one of two mentees under Lark’s New Normal Business Council and Mentorship Program last year. As a second-generation partner in the agency, Mark takes the lead in transforming the company for continued success in the future.

A quality-conscious, quality-oriented company

Founded in 1980, Pal Maritime Corporation has been in the business of ship-crewing for over four decades. It selects, hires, and deploys Filipino seafarers for the vessels of its various principals in the Isle of Man, Germany, and Bangladesh. The current fleet consists of container, bulk, and general cargo vessels.

For the company, quality is of utmost performance. It places great emphasis on improvement to benefit both the organization and the maritime industry as a while.

Leading the next generation of manning officers

In 2020, Mark took over his father as president of the corporation. Mark has been working in the industry for the last 14 years and during this time, he was awarded the Young Maritime Leader Award by Marino World. He’s also active in various non-government organizations, including Rotary International and the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Philippines.

Being in a highly traditional industry involves a lot of manual processes. Mark has been working toward applying digital solutions to help Pal Maritime Corporation evolve for the future. Since his introduction to Lark, Mark sees the platform’s potential as an all-in-one tool for the company’s digitization.

“The first time I explored Lark as a system, I saw it as a community-building app for me, for my seafarers, and for the whole organization, not only inside our company but also for our seafarers, suppliers, and partners in Europe and across the world,” he said.

From monitoring employee attendance to easy communication with seafarers and ship crew, Lark can be used as a means to stay updated and connected with one another, wherever they may be.

Apart from using Lark for communication, the young businessman is also looking to digitize and archive important files for easy access and searchability with the help of Lark Docs and cloud storage.

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