Steam reaches new records as more countries implement lockdown

Steam logo

In the realm of gaming, PC gaming marketplace Steam hits new records amid the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching over 22 million users over the weekend.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the platform’s most popular game, which counts over 1 million players. Trailing behind is Dota 2 and PUBG with over half a million players. Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto V and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege round out the top five most played games.

Recently, Steam released Doom: Eternal and made other games free to download like the Tomb Raider reboot and Football Manager 2020. This all comes to encourage players to practice social distancing and stay indoors.

Countries like the Philippines, Italy, Spain, France, and many US states are implementing quarantines to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. As of writing, the Philippines counts 501 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, with 19 recoveries and 33 deaths.

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