Starbucks opens first-ever cashier-less cafe with Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ technology


Starbucks has opened its first-ever cashier-less cafe that utilizes Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” shopping technology on November 18, the coffeehouse chain announced in a blog post on the same day.

Same as any Starbucks branch, the Starbucks Pickup in 58th Street, New York City offers the café’s full menu and has a team of baristas preparing every drink. It also has a lounge area with individual workspaces and large tables with power outlets and USB ports. 

The difference is that this time, customers who would like a contact-less experience would have to preorder their drink on the Starbucks app and choose the store at “59th between Park & Lex w/ Amazon Go” as their desired location.

Once they reach the store, they can find their drinks waiting for them at the counter or, if it’s still in progress, listed on the digital screen above the counter.


What also sets this new Starbucks Pickup apart is that it has an Amazon Go market area where customers can purchase a “curated selection of customer favorites” such as salads, sandwiches, bakery items, and snack options.

Starbucks customers can enter the area using the “In-Store Code” found in the Amazon Shopping app, Amazon One, or a credit card.


With Amazon’s machine learning technology and AI-powered cameras installed in the store, anything that the customers take off the shelf is added to their virtual cart, while anything they put back is deleted from their list.

After the customer leaves the Amazon Go market, their card will be charged and they can access their receipt within a few hours.

Amazon first launched its cashier-less tech in an Amazon Go store in Seattle in 2018. The contact-less shop now has a total of 26 branches in the US and six in the UK, where it is known as Amazon Fresh.

The launch of the new Starbucks Pickup in NYC is the first of the three locations the partnership is eyeing to open in the coming months.



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