St. Luke’s joins Mayo Clinic Care Network

St. Luke’s Medical Center in the Philippines is the newest member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, a group of independent health care providers that are committed to working together to bring better services to patients and their families. The partnership gives St. Luke’s  access to latest Mayo Clinic knowledge and opens up collaboration opportunities among physicians, allowing St. Luke’s to gain answers to complex medical questions easily and at no additional charge. Some of the information and services that St. Luke’s can access are:

  • eConsults: an online hub where St. Luke’s physicians can consult with international peers for more input on a patient’s care
  • AskMayoExpert: a database at the point of care that offers the latest Mayo Clinic-vetted information on the evaluation and treatment of medical conditions
  • Health Care Consulting: an avenue where St. Luke’s personnel can learn more about the way Mayo Clinic operates, as well as how its clinical, operational, and business models are designed and implemented
  • eTumor Board: conferences that St. Luke’s physicians can join to present and discuss complex cancer cases with a multidisciplinary panel of Mayo specialists and other members

The collaboration also reaffirms St. Luke’s leadership role in Philippines health care, pushing forward its goal of providing the highest level of care for its patients.

Words John Sosmeña


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