Soundcore Life P3 available exclusively on Lazada with P3,495 intro price


Soundcore, Anker Innovation’s premium audio brand, has unveiled the latest addition to its Soundcore lineup: the Soundcore Life P3.

Featuring 11mm composite drivers along with fortified nanoplayers, Soundcore Life P3 guarantees distinct audio on all frequencies. Soundcore’s exclusive BassUp technology elevates the listening experience with a richer sound and thumping low ends.

You can customize the sound to your liking through the Soundcore App—from the EQ to creating one’s own relaxing white noise soundscape.

Enjoy a distraction-free listening experience with the Soundcore Life P3 as it allows you to sync the noise canceling feature to your location for an optimized experience. The Transport, Outdoor, and Indoor modes are tailored to block out irritating background noises.

The new Life P3 also features a gaming mode and a sleeping mode. The former immerses you into the heart of the action by emphasizing the game’s sound effects. The latter, meanwhile, directs you to a variety of white noise options to help you sleep.

The Life P3’s battery delivers up to 7 hours per bud on a single charge when noise cancellation is enabled. The carrying case, which also serves as the wireless charging port, guarantees 30 hours of playback. A 10-minute charge in fast charge mode will yield about 2 hours of playback.

The Soundcore Life P3 includes a new Find Your Earbuds mode that when activated will produce a high-pitched noise to help you locate your earbuds.

Offered in five eye-catching colors—Navy Blue, Oat White, Coral Red, Sky Blue and Black—the Lite P3 retails locally for P4,150. Early birds, however, are in for a treat as the earbuds are available for only P3,495 for a limited time at Soundcore Global’s official Lazada store.


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