Smart provides 540 smartphones for 180 RapidPass checkpoints

Going through quarantine checkpoints in the entire Metro Manila area may soon becomeĀ  easier for frontline personnel and other people authorized to travel under the COVID-19 stay-at-home restrictions.

The Department of Science and Technology, the Department of Information and Communications Technology, and the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management Emerging Infectious Disease (IATF-MEID) are expanding the RapidPass Project, an online registration service for frontliners, to cover the whole of Metro Manila.

To enable the service to work throughout Metro Manila, Smart Communications has provided the DOST with 540 smartphones loaded with voice, SMS, and data packages. The mobile devices will be used by the Philippine National Police at the Quarantine Control Points (QCPs)to read and confirm the validity of the QR codes being shown by frontliners, thus facilitating their movement.

Developed by DevCon Philippines and the DOST, is a website that provides for free a unique QR code that serves as authorization for frontliners like health workers and people delivering food, medicine and other essential supplies to go through checkpoints quickly and securely. The QR code can be printed on paper and placed on vehicles, or, saved on smartphones to be shown to uniformed personnel manning QCPs.


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