Make your pet’s day-out count in this bustling paw park


Just like humans, pets also need to sniff out, enjoy the outside world, and meet new friends amid the pandemic. Luckily, there’s SM Supermalls’ Paw Park where there’s an exciting lineup of activities exclusively for your paw-recious ones

For the adventurous doggies, there’s Fast & the Furry zone where obstacle relays, howling contests, frisbee tosses, and high jumps will keep them busy expending energy.

For the fancy fur set, the park will hold bark-and-meow socials and fellow breed meet-ups where they can cozy up to their own kind and bark their own language. 

Alpha dogs will get a chance to show off their best tricks in various talent shows, while the shy ones can just watch from the sidelines sipping on their puppucinos and munching on their pupcakes at the Pup Up Café. 

Aside from the monthly frenzy of activities, SM has prepared quarterly events for malls without a Paw Park too, so you and your fur babies can still enjoy going out on fun dates together.

For more information on the activities at Paw Parks, visit or like and follow @smsupermalls on all social media platforms.


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