Sky: Children of the Light will make you feel less lonely

It sucks to be apart from your friends and family for so long. But in times of a pandemic, staying home is one of the best things we can do because it’s better to be safe than sorry. There are many ways available to help you cure the loneliness you’re feeling, such as video chats and online games. These may seem like dark times but sometimes, all you need is a little light to brighten your day or make you feel less alone.

Enter Sky: Children of the Light.

This is a light-hearted social adventure game where players get to explore different maps in search of “spirits.” And although it was first released in July 2019, Sky: Children of the Light is relevant and important today. It has a beautiful, optimistic message of seeking out the light (which also happens to be one of the goals of the game) wherever you may be.

In Sky, players roam seven different realms where they will find collectibles including Wing Buffs, Expressions, and light. Each realm has a different vibe, representing the different stages of life. There you’ll find other characters who are also pursuing objectives.

Must play well with others

At first, you might mistake these other Sky “kids” for bots, but you can interact with these players and add them as friends. Once you’re friends, you can start chatting with them and sharing gifts. These players come from all over the world and you can even get them to tag along with you as you explore the different locations.

Some parts and quests in the game will require you to work with others to unlock collectibles. For instance, there are doors that can only be opened by two people. If you’re playing alone, you can call on other players to help you out.

Also, journeying with friends comes with other perks, like faster recharging for your wings when you’re flying. And when you want to unlock new costumes for your Sky kid, you’ll need hearts, which you get from in-game friends. So don’t be afraid to spend some candles (the game’s currency) on adding people.

Since it costs candles to add people, you can choose not to add every player you see. You can interact with them through other ways like through Expressions (a.k.a. Emotes), one of the collectibles. Expressions come in many forms like waving, pointing, laughing, bowing, cheering, and more to communicate non-verbally.

Today’s not the best time to be out and about but that doesn’t mean your adventurous spirit should be stifled. In the meantime, you can always explore the world and make friends virtually.

Sky: Children of the Light is free to download from the App Store and Google Play. If you need tips and help, you can join Sky‘s Discord channel.

Words Ayie Licsi

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