Short online courses you can take to advance your career in 2017


Are you looking for something new in your life come 2017? Why not add another bullet to your curriculum vitae and boost your career for the new year? You can do this by picking up few new skills starting now.

With AMA Online Education’s short courses, acquiring new skills and discovering new passions have become easier. People looking to learn more can choose over the 11 online courses, ranging from Web application development to systems administration. The great news is that it only takes 70 hours to finish most of these courses.

Here’s a quick roundup of what you can expect from these short but comprehensive courses:

Immerse in the language of the 21st century

The internet has given birth to a range of programming languages crucial in running some of today’s systems, protocols, and processes. AMA Online Education offers a wide range of online courses if you want to deepen your understanding of these systems.

An introduction to network security, a comprehensive overview of Web and mailing services, and lessons on effectively creating different Web applications are some of the topics covered to help you utilize the language of technology to your advantage.

  • XML Web Application Development course for web application security knowledge
  • Linux Administration course for mastering the Linux Operating System.

Spark digital creativity

Expressing creativity through videos, audio, and digital images are definitely handy skills to have. As the demand for digital creativity increases, having technical know-hows is the first step in unleashing the creative genius in you.

AMA Online Education lets you take this first step with numerous short courses that help you learn how to craft these digitally produced works of art. Video and audio production, visual graphic design, 2D/3D animation, and even photography are some courses you can take to expand your creative horizons. If gaming interests you, there are also basic and advanced game development courses available.

  • Digital Imaging course for knowledge necessary to design, create, and manage digital images while understanding image processing in hardware and software systems
  • Illustrations 101 course for you to explore or specialize in a specific type of medium while learning different drawing techniques
  • Basic Digital News Video Communication course for learning how to shoot, write, and edit effective and engaging news content
  • Social Media Communication course for skills you need to craft and implement campaigns that help you get your message across to a wider audience

Real-life application

Rest assured that these courses won’t just give you a set of readings. Every course allows you to practically apply your learnings to create relevant output. From Web applications to digitally curated artworks, you will be given opportunities to see your efforts come full circle.

Interested in taking a short course? Check out to find a detailed list of short online courses available for you.


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