Sennheiser presents HD451 headphones

Here’s a perfect gift for music lovers: the HD451 by German audio brand Sennheiser. The HD451 headphones offer vibrant stereo sound with powerful bass response and truly appealing aesthetics in one compact package. Its state-of-the-art transducers deliver clear, vivid sound reproduction, while the closed, circumaural design helps shut out disturbing outside. The HD451’s single-sided cable virtually eliminates tangling, guaranteeing improved freedom of movement on the go. Sennheisser HD 451 (1) Audiophiles have given the Sennheiser HD451 positive reviews. Journalist Marshall Honorof wrote, “The bass was surprisingly present, whether it was highlighting a bass guitar or a choir of singers, and great bass is something of a rarity for headphones at this price level,” while the online site Soundguys hypes on its affordability despite being quite high end. Optimized for use with portable audio devices, the HD451 is compatible with MP3 and CD players, as well as iOS and Galaxy devices.


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