Save time, cost, and energy with Midea’s new iAdd washers


Being a working parent is one of the most daunting job in the world. You push through the day’s work stress, and then go home to take care of the family. Dinner for the kids, regular house-cleaning, groceries over the weekend, and perhaps the most tedious and time-consuming of all, laundry. Last June 9, home appliance manufacturer Midea  released the iAdd Washing Machines, a new line of washers designed to simplify your laundry duties and even help you cut back on usage consumption. This new washing machine line comes in two variants: an 8kg iAdd Front Load (P43,995) and the 10.5kg iAdd Top Load (P31,995). Midea integrated an industry-first Auto-Dosing Technology into these machines, which allows users to save up to 44 percent on detergent and fabric softener. The machines’ intelligently designed system releases only the optimal amount of water and cleaning agent according to the loaded weight. These machines have a weighing precision rate of +/-300g. Besides saving up on cleaning agent expenses, Midea adds that these new washing machines help save water and electricity. For every cycle of wash, rinse, and spin cycle in the 8kg iAdd Front Load, you only spend approximately P13, and P22 when using the 10.5kg iAdd Top Load.  If you incorporate drying, the cost puts in additional P53 for every 8kg of clothing. [one_half last=”no”]

8kg iAdd Front Load
8kg iAdd Front Load

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10.5kg iAdd Top Load
10.5kg iAdd Top Load

[/one_half] The iAdd Washing Machines also come with an Auto Dryer Sensor that runs the ideal drying setting to help save time and electricity and avoid clothes from unnecessary shrinking. Further, with a Cleanliness Meter,  whenever the system detects dirt, soap, and other residue after a wash, it automatically launches an additional rinse cycle. Too busy to tend to your laundry in the morning? Why not leave it washing while you watch primetime shows at night? The iAdd Washing Machines makes sure you won’t disturb your household while it run at night thanks to a silent inverter. Midea even showcased a demo of the quiet performance during the launch, and it indeed barely produced a clanging sound. Midea’s ambassadors Chef Rob Pengson and his wife Sunshine graced the launch and talked about how Midea helped them achieve work-life balance despite their busy schedule.

Midea ambassadors Chefs Rob and wife Sunshine Pengson
Midea ambassadors chefs Rob and Sunshine Pengson


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