Santé Fitness Lab’s Obstacle Course Race is a workout playground

Looking for a high-intensity and fast-paced workout? Check out Santé Fitness Lab’s new Obstacle Course Race (OCR).

The new OCR offers various physical challenges. It includes hurdles that test strength and coordination, such as carrying heavy objects, climbing up ropes, scaling walls, and navigating monkey bars.

The thrill of OCR

Triathlete Chloe Jane Ong and former dragon boat racing team member Patricia Anne Castillo believe OCR is the ultimate activity to test yourself out both physically and mentally.

“OCR is very challenging, and it has balance; whether you are a lifter or a runner, the playing field is leveled that you are neither ahead nor behind since you have to battle your way throughout the course to the finish line,” Ong said.

A sport for everyone

Despite being perceived as a tough race, OCR is beneficial to health since it is a brisk experience that strengthens bones, works every muscle, and helps brain function and heart health.

“It is a vigorous sport that tests your body and mind to its limits. It also motivates and gives you a feeling of accomplishment whenever you overcome the obstacles,” Ong remarked.

For Castillo, she sees the sport like a big playground for adults saying, “I encourage everyone, especially gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts, to join the open events so they can experience it. The obstacles can be hard, but it is only a matter of a familiarization. Once you get the hang of it, then you’ll get to enjoy the sport.”

Both Ong and Castillo are gearing up for the Spartan World Championships as members of the Santé Barley OCR Team. They go through intense training, weight lifting, leg strengthening, and more for the race.

“Aside from physical training, we also have to consider the proper diet. We also take supplements, like the Santé Boost Coffee with Tongkat-ali, which helped us increase our overall energy and metabolism, as well as to enhance our physical performance and increase muscle strength,” said Ong.

The Santé Barley OCR Team is the second sports team under the brand. The Santé Barley Tri-team was the first team formed.

To learn more about the Obstacle Course Race and the Santé Barley team, visit


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