Samsung unveils 50MP ISOCELL GN1 image sensor


Samsung introduces the ISOCELL GN1, a new 50MP image sensor with large 1.2μm-sized pixels. This is also the first sensor to offer both Dual Pixel and Tetracell technologies.

With the larger pixel size, the GN1 combines elevated light sensitivity for low-light photos and DSLR-level auto-focus speeds.

The GN1 brings enhanced auto-focusing with 100 million phase detection auto-focus (PDAF) agents. With all of the active pixels working as auto-focus agents, the new sensor can detect and focus onto a desired still or moving object, even in low-light conditions.

Meanwhile, the Tetra-cell technology allows the sensor to capture and process more light. It bins four pixel signals into one to double the image sensor’s pixel size to 2.4μm. The improved light sensitivity, combined with powerful autofocus, enables the GN1 to focus on an object quicker and produce brighter and sharper images.

In addition, the ISOCELL GN1 comes with Smart-ISO, real-time HDR, and gyro-based electronic image stabilization. The results: sharp images and video recording at up to 8K resolution at 30fps.

Mass production for the image sensor has already begun, and it will soon be integrated into upcoming smartphones.

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